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2006年 07月 20日 ( 1 )


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Rabih Mroue wrote : (20, july 2006)

Yesterday we spent the whole day working to transfer Lina's Mom from
Beirut.. so we could feel more relaxed and not always warring about her..
she can't move at all.. she is always in her we did it and now she
is in a good safe place.

life is so hard, more and more, but you know how things go during the war in Lebanon.. the main problem now that there are a lot of displaced people, living every where without houses, some of them are in Sanayeh garden and other public places and almost all the public schools and some people are living with their relatives in the same house, like my parents house where there are three families living together.... and the humanitarian's aids do not have enough materials to help these people.. not enough medicaments and no places at the hospitals... it is a real tragedy...the Israeli army are targeting any car-van or trucks, which means also that there is a difficulty to transfer these materials from one district to another..

anyway, we are trying to think what role can we do today, it is not easy..
we are meeting with some friends to discuss it.. it seems that it is
complicated to do any movement now.. but for me i am still trying to think
about a possibility.. it is hard to stay watching knowing that I am only a
citizen and I can't do a lot.. but thinking is good..
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